Big World

Big World

so and slow it grows//songs from the cage

My intention was to showcase voices with different expressions and in languages that may be unusual but are conducive to the song. Therefore, very special thanks to Sanaz, performing in Farsi, Sal for his words in English and Spanish, Axel for singing in his native language Swedish, Meikel creating Jamaican spices, Ralf for his love of Peter Gabriel, Rahal expressing his love in Arabic and Sascha for having the softest voice of all …

Furthermore, I would like to thank the many musicians who have inspired me while working on this album. It is not only friends and the people I recorded for the album, but also other peoples’ music I listened to. Music is created by music – every influence is welcome, processed and placed somewhere in the mind and heart, ready to be called upon when the time is right. In this sense, I would like to list the musicians and bands that have accompanied me over the last two years, such as Ben Howard, Sting, Spain, King Crimson, Zusha Mbano, Devendra Banhart, The Man Who, Talk Talk, Tears for Fears and the man who changed the world: David Bowie.

Special thanks to my wife Simone and all the people who supported me to make this record come true!

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